What is the Standard HVAC Filter Size?

Are you looking to replace the filter in your air purifier or HVAC unit? It's important to find the right size replacement HEPA filter for your system. To do this, you'll need to measure the length and width of the filter (L x W). If the filter is not a square, the smallest measurement comes first. You can then use this information to find compatible models from various manufacturers.

When it comes to buying air filters, you have a few options. You can purchase them online, through your HVAC service company, or in-store. The easiest way to identify the size of the AC filter is to remove the existing filter from its slot and examine the filter frame. The list of HEPA filters for sale usually includes compatible models in the description or in the vignettes, so be sure to check compatibility to make sure you buy the correct HEPA filter for your air purifier.

Keep in mind that the sizes of the air conditioner and oven filters must be smaller than the measurements of the filter compartment. Before wasting time with the HVAC unit manipulator or the central vent grille, first adjust the thermostat to turn off the air conditioning system. It's best to have a little wiggle room in the slot of the HVAC unit, so you can easily slide the filter in and out without it bending or breaking. For standard size one-inch air filters, you can buy them at Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, or online and usually find several standard sizes quite easily.

However, these filters can sometimes restrict airflow, which can cause system and air quality problems. If that doesn't work, you may be able to find the proper air filter dimensions listed in the HVAC manual. If the filter is not the right size, either too small or too large, air will flow around the filter rather than through it and, as a result, not all the air will be filtered.

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