What are the Most Common Sizes of Air Filters?

When you hear the term “standard air filter size”, it may seem like it would be easy to find the right filter for your home. However, understanding the most common air filter sizes can be difficult if you don't know what the numbers mean. Filter King offers hundreds of different filter sizes that can be used in various household systems, including your oven. It's important to round measurements to the nearest whole number when ordering new air filters.

This rounded measurement is called the nominal size and is used to match the correct filter to the corresponding air filter slot. If an oversized filter gets stuck where it doesn't belong, it can damage the HVAC system and not clean the air properly. Gaps in an improperly sized air filter can allow dust, dirt and germs to bypass the filter and potentially re-circulate to the air in your home. Worse, it can place excessive strain on the HVAC system, damage it and increase your energy bills.

Starting from actual sizes, round measurements to the nearest inch to create the nominal filter size, which is the measurement you'll use when buying a filter. Keep in mind that some HVAC systems require more than one air filter, so make sure you have the correct measurements for all of them. You can also scroll down and use the air filter size chart to choose the right size and pay quickly. With this information, you can easily find a standard air filter size that fits your needs.

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