20x24x1 Air Filter vs 20x25x1: What's the Difference?

When it comes to air filters, size matters. The exact size of the filter you choose for your vents can have a huge impact on the quality of the air inside your home. If you're looking for a replacement filter, you may be wondering what the difference is between a 20x24x1 air filter and a 20x25x1 air filter. The main difference between these two filters is the depth.

A 20x24x1 air filter is 1 inch deep, while a 20x25x1 air filter is 2 inches deep. The deeper filter will generally last longer, since it has more media. When it comes to choosing the right filter for your home, you have the greatest flexibility when selecting an exact size for the standard filter slot located next to the unit. If you choose the right filter, air quality will improve and your system will operate with maximum efficiency in the long term.

The replacement rate of your filter often depends on your home environment and the efficiency of the 20x24x1 filter. Washable filters simply need to be rinsed with a garden hose monthly, dried outdoors, and then put back in place. Fresh air filters allow air to flow smoothly, maintaining the indoor air cycle and keeping your home smelling fresh and clean. Oven filters are responsible for providing fresh air and, at the same time, can become an obstruction if they are not replaced regularly. When air filters are dirty, the resulting lack of fresh air flow quickly becomes a problem for your home.

Not only will an overdue filter not work properly, it will also test your HVAC system. MERV 16 filters are often used in places such as hospitals, where there is a high level of unknown airborne bacteria and viruses that can spread through air ducts. I highly recommend not using flat fiberglass filters because they don't actually filter too much, meaning that dust accumulates in coils and ducts. If you need a popular air filter size, you can search for a 20x25x1 air filter or simply go to the guide and find your link to see all the options for buying 20x25x1 air filters.

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